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Making a difference in the world through taking care of the needs of others has been part of the DNA of Crossroads. Our sister organization, Maranatha Volunteers International, in the late 1990s started the Crossroads operations with the goal of taking care of seniors and any income left over would go to charitable purposes—truly defining an organization which exists to make the world a better place.

The Board of Maranatha started the Crossroads, and then the two organizations separated so each could focus more effectively in their own specific missions. Nevertheless, the purpose of the Crossroads remains to take care of seniors and their families, and the profits are granted to one of the best charities in the United States, Maranatha.

Maranatha spreads the Gospel throughout the world as it builds people through the construction of urgently needed buildings.

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Watch the story of Crossroads Senior Living. See "The Idea" that started it all and for more than two decades has been satisfying the needs of Seniors.


Crossroads Senior Living is led by a Board of Directors with all of the powers of governing and directing, and of overseeing the management and affairs of the organization.

The corporate governance principles of Crossroads Senior Living are composed of a series of documents adopted by the Board of Directors and reviewed periodically to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the organization and reflect current industry best practices.

Board of Directors
  • Timothy Bainum, Chair
  • Robert Bainum
  • Susan Bushnell
  • Donald Lloyd
  • Don Noble
  • Elvar Olafsson
  • Kenneth Weiss

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