We have two residents who are deep into rocks. Not Rock as in the Beatles. Rocks, as in Geology. Bob Higgins and Bill Chirnside. Look for an article about Bill next month. This month, we’ll focus on Bob.

Bob was recently honored by his colleagues at the National Park Service in Washington, D.C. for his work identifying the different geologic type sections, also known as Stratotypes, in the Greater Yellowstone Network of Parks. He is the guy who knows all about the Pleistocene, Eocene, Pliocene and all the many other periods associated with the formation of the geology beneath us.

Speaking of Rock as in “Rock Music’’ however, everyone at Lakewood enjoys Bob’s killer dance moves. At a recent dance activity curated by Audrey, you would have thought he was John Travolta the way he moved and grooved to “Stayin’ Alive” from Saturday Night Fever!

We feel lucky and happy to have Bob with us, making us laugh and, with the staff, always willing to help when needed. We join the chorus of Bob’s friends in saying thanks, Bob, for not only devoting yourself to a passion that will enhance the understanding of our planet for years to come, but just being a pleasure to be around.

Bob led the defining of Stratotypes in the Greater Yellowstone Network
of Parks

Bob “Stayin Alive”