A typical story you might read today regarding healthcare, and specifically elder care, is the one about people jumping from one place to another because “the pay is better over there.” Diana Cardona had that opportunity. Diana is one of Lakewood’s Certified Nursing Assistants and Qualified Medication Administration Personnel. That means she is the first and last line of care for Lakewood residents. She was offered a job in which she got to learn how to draw blood and other important skills. A job that paid a lot more as well. She jumped at the opportunity. But after a few days on the job, she realized she had made a mistake and returned. Why did Diana choose to come back to Crossroads at Lakewood Memory Care.

Diana says “I missed working with the residents, knowing that I’m here to make life easier, and being a companion for them.”

She didn’t come back to Lakewood because it is easier work. She came back because of the culture Crossroads strives to create. A culture of consistent and empathetic care. You won’t find Diana hanging out and waiting for the next assignment. When she has an opening, she gives her attention to the residents. She curls hair, making them feel extra special by taking care of their nails too. She organizes their closets and rooms. Diana goes beyond just what needs to be done on her job and she does it because she cares.

Diana emulates the best of Crossroads employees, and we honor her for her dedication and commitment to superior care.