Maranatha, a non-profit that provides short term volunteer opportunities worldwide, benefits directly from projects that are sponsored by Crossroads Senior Living. In June Maranatha volunteers ventured back into service at a remote school campus in Oregon.

Among the tasks tackled on this project were painting the exterior and interior of the girls dorm, making miscellaneous repairs in the boys dorm, installing trim in a staff house, and landscaping. Volunteers also worked at nearby Camp Umpqua, installing pine siding in the lodge and constructing a duplex cabin.

Wherever volunteers were stationed, project coordinator and Maranatha board member, Ed Jensen, noticed them doing extra work beyond what was assigned. “These aren’t the kind of people who sit around and enjoy the ambiance,” said Jensen. “They saw the need, jumped on it, and took care of it.”

For first-time volunteer Ron Gadreault, not only was the work rewarding, but the community he joined was special as well. “I didn’t realize how much of a family it becomes, and how much people mean to you,” said Gadreault. “That is how Maranatha seems to be, a family helping others. Everybody cares about each other and cares about the project, and we work together as a family works together. And you get kind of sad when you have to leave.”