Healthcare professionals are observing a declining senior population, particularly those who are beginning to experience the effects of dementia. The Covid Pandemic, a scourge particularly for seniors when it began, has reduced faith in Assisted Living Memory Care as a viable and safe solution for the elderly. Many have chosen to delay choosing a senior living solution even when it comes to memory care. This is understandable given the harsh restrictions assisted living facilities were saddled with at the height of the pandemic. Today, however, it is a different story.

Life is quickly returning to normal, very much like the time prior to COVID.

The benefits to making the move are numerous. First, by taking this step, your loved one will experience 24/7 personalized care from trained, competent staff. People who truly understand the needs of our elderly population and the personalized needs of persons with dementia.

Dementia can also be a first step towards social isolation, the very thing that hastens this debilitating condition. In a memory care community, your loved one won’t have to experience this social isolation. One of the best reasons for joining a senior community is socialization. A memory care community is a place for thriving as your loved one gets to interact with others and gain new friends. It is crucial to employ numerous activities designed specifically for those who are experiencing dementia. Activities that properly approach physical, mental, and spiritual health both to improve and maintain your loved one’s well-being.

With your loved one safely living in a memory care community, your free time is yours again. Someone else now cooks, cleans, and remembers when it is time to take medications. Our residents enjoy sharing nutritionally well-rounded meals, as well as socializing in our community dining room. Trained staff will also assist with arranging doctors’ appointments both in-house and out of the community.

And finally, with your loved one in a senior living memory care community that is right for them, you will experience peace of mind. Peace of mind that your loved one is in a place where everyone is tuned into their specific needs and are monitoring their health and wellbeing. If you have been delaying memory care for your loved one, please consider the benefits mentioned above, and give us a call. Crossroads at Delta Memory Care is here to improve the wellbeing of the one you love.